My Favorite Fall Dress

If there’s ever been a look that stays classic and timeless with unlimited seasonal wear and styling options, it’s without a doubt a chambray dress.  I think I’ve had the same chambray dress since college… Yes, it’s lasted me through that many seasons and I still get compliments every time I wear it!  This dress has been worn as a tailgate dress, through sorority rush, I’ve worn it in family photos, it’s easy to throw on as an on the go mom, and I always have fun giving myself a new look when I utilize creative ways to style her.  Here are three reasons why I love a chambray dress look, and I will always have one in my closet!

My favorite Chambray Dress
  • A chambray dress is versatile through the seasons.

Chambray is a type of cotton fabric that is lightweight and super breathable.  If you’re in the south, you already know, every southern lady looks for breathable and trendy in their year round wardrobe.  Because of this, a chambray dress will take you from fall to summer and back again.  If you don’t believe me, think about this:  This dress paired with your favorite knee high boots, or some fun cowboy boots like these Steve Madden boots or these fun wicker wedges… see what I mean?  

A Chambray dress is also perfect to  pair with accessories from hats to headbands… which is why the second reason I love a chambray dress is

Fall Accessories
  • A chambray dress gives you versatility through styling.

As fall is nearing and Jolie Ami Accessories has just dropped their fall collection, my mind immediately ran to using my chambray dress with this classic bracelet stack look.  BUT!! Think about a chambray dress in the spring and summer with a seasonal headband like this precious one from Lilly Pulitzer… or paired with this bright and fun jewelry look.  The options with a chambray dress are endless!  I personally wore this chambray dress with cowboy boots (more of an investment but  one you'll have forever!) for a tailgate look, and also paired with wedges (similar to these traditional Kate Spade's) and pearls (again with the classic look) for the first day of rush. All I’m saying is, I got the house I wanted!

Luchesse Priscilla Boots
  • A chambray dress is timeless and classic.

If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a fan of the chambray dress. In southern fashion, you see a new one come onto the scene every fall, like this popular look from Walmart, and even in high end fashion like this look by MAE & Valerie Dittner, and of course, always in the classic looks of J.Crew and Tucker Nuck, and it’s simply because it will never go out of style.  Oftentimes you will see a chambray dress in a classic silhouette, further proving, this is a dress to keep in your closet for years to come.


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